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Justice Committe Submissions

A fundamental belief that drives CWAA: You, our followers, our public, and Jewish Canadian women across the nation, deserve to have your voices heard at the highest levels of government. Our collective experiences, aspirations, and policy recommendations are essential components in shaping a just and inclusive society.


At CWAA, we are working diligently to bring these shared experiences and goals to the forefront of political discourse and policy-making. Our dedication to advocating for our community is unwavering, and we strive to ensure that our perspectives are considered in the creation and implementation of government policies.


As part of this ongoing effort, we have made two significant submissions to the Justice Committee Study on Antisemitism. These submissions are crucial steps in our advocacy journey, and we believe it is important for you to be aware of the work being done on your behalf. 

Written Submission to the Justice Committee Study on Antisemitism

Regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Frameworks


As Canadian Jewish women, we stand at the intersection of a myriad identity principles. And it stands to reason that we deserve, as every other woman in this country, the right to stand in whatever intersectionality we choose, at any given moment, without reservation. However, as Jews and Zionists, we are increasingly required to amputate and fragment our identities as the price of admission into public life. We are being forced to self-censor for the sake of social acceptance and employment. 

​This is a cautionary tale of what happens when the language of anti-oppression, diversity, inclusion and equity is used to oppress, colonize, silence, exclude and rob the equity of those who do not fit into the false binaries of oppressed versus oppressors. Our identities are being co-opted and hijacked by Others as the semantics of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are defining what is Jewish identity, what is Zionism and what is antisemitism, in the absence of mainstream Jews.

Written Submission to the Justice Committee Study on Antisemitism

Regarding Mysoginy and Antisemitism, An Intersection

My name is Talia Klein Leighton and I am the Spokesperson for the Canadian Women Against Antisemitism, or as Ghada Sasa, a T.A. and doctoral candidate at McMaster University calls us, one of the “Nazis in Pink Jackets.”

According to protesters at TMU on April 30th, I am a “Zionist whore” and a “fucking child abuser for having Zionist babies” and of course, a “Rich Jewish Bitch.” I was also told that “I ought to be raped” but I will come back to that last one later.

To read the complete deputations, please follow this link: CWAA Deputations to Justice Committee

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