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Canadian Women Against Antisemitism (CWAA) was created in response to the flood of antisemitism in Canada. CWAA is a group of Jewish women who will not sit idly by as members of our community face daily acts of bullying, vandalism and assault.
CWAA denounces the violent rhetoric employed by pro-Hamas protestors calling for “all forms of resistance” that Legitimizes rape as a tool of war.
CWAA denounces the surge of Jew hatred that calls for the complete annihilation of Israel and views Jews in Canada and
around the world as legitimate targets.
CWAA seeks a world where violence and hate for Jews is granted the same abhorrence as other forms of racism and bigotry. 

CWAA believes all women - regardless of religion, colour, creed or sexual orientation. We are horrified that Israeli women

  • were raped and mutilated during the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust

  • were taken hostage and used as sexual slaves

  • were impregnated by their rapists and captors, and have undergone emergency abortions

  • have been dealt the added injury and indignity of disbelief.

CWAA invites ALL people in Canada - of ALL religions and nationalities - to stand together in solidarity against antisemitism. Join Us. Together we will send a message that hatred has no place in Canada, a country founded on values of tolerance and inclusivity

OUR NEXT EVENT IS THE MAY 5 STAND WITH STUDENTS RALLY - Register today. Location to be announced 1 day prior.




Our mission is to empower people of all religions and nationalities to unite against antisemitism by fostering education, awareness, and meaningful action within our communities.

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We envision a world where antisemitism is eliminated. We envision a society where all forms of prejudice and bigotry have been dismantled and all people can live in dignity.


We stand together to support each other and those affected by bigotry.


We will not succumb to fear or terror. We will confront injustice and discrimination wherever it exists.


We empower all people to raise their voices, harness their agency and take action for positive change.


We believe in the power of positive education to challenge stereotypes and foster empathy.


We believe that when we stand united, we have the power to change the world.


CWAA is a grassroots movement committed to working tirelessly to create a world where all women - regardless of background or identity - can thrive without fear of discrimination or hatred.

We are engaged in:

  • Advocacy campaigns

  • Educational initiatives

  • Community engagement and outreach

  • Alliance building

  • Events


Be at the forefront of building a just and inclusive society today and for generations to come. Joining our movement is simple and meaningful.

Connect on Social Media
Join our vibrant online community by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Stay updated on upcoming events, discussions, and opportunities to take action.



Spread the Word

Take to social media and tell your network, your friends and your family about our movement. Share our posts and encourage others to get involved in the fight against antisemitism and racism. Every voice matters and united, we can change the world. Donate online.

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We take data privacy and security seriously, we will not distribute any information you share with us.


Support our Fundraising Efforts here
Your donations will enable CWAA to—


  • Organize community events

  • Expand our outreach efforts

  • Support initiatives that combat antisemitism and racism in Canada and globally

  • Launch advocacy campaigns

  • Build alliances

As grassroots movement, CWAA is dependent on our advocates, supporters and friends who have donated and helped to spread the word about our cause.

Thank You for Your Support!
We are extremely grateful to all those whose generosity and advocacy have been vital to dismantling antisemitism and racism. You are the movement and yours are the voices that will transform our communities. The road is long and the fight is hard, but together there is hope. United, we can change the world.


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